Depurazione molluschi
Purification of bivalve molluscs

Safe purification with ozone-charged water

Export and delivery
Export and delivery

Export of bivalve molluscs and local fish products

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Qualità garantita
Guaranteed quality

Total reliability, live shellfish and guaranteed quality

Wholesale and delivery of bivalve molluscs and local fish products

The Quattro G company guarantees seafood purified from eschiria coli, from salmonella bacteria and any typhus and cholera. The system it uses is simple: it purifies 30m3 of sea water every hour, where live seafood is immersed, which being natural filterers and purifiers continue to do what they do in their natural environment, with the difference that the water that filter is full of ozone (pure oxygen) which eliminates bacteria.

Gusto Vivo Reale

The brand guarantees all types of echinoderms and gastropod bivalve molluscs that the Quattro G company treats authorized by the Ministry of Health with initials IT / 331 / CSM.

The products are purified in seawater tanks (the same in which it lives and grows).

The water is treated with ozone and with this procedure the molluscs are made bacteriologically pure before placing them on the market.