“Gusto Vivo Reale ”

The brand guarantees all types of echinoderms and gastropods bivalve molluscs that the Quattro G company deals with authorized by the Ministry of Health with initials IT / 331 / CSM.

The products are purified in seawater tanks (the same in which it lives and grows).

The water is treated with ozone and with this procedure the molluscs are made bacteriologically pure before placing them on the market.

The Quattro G Srl company selects - packs and handcrafted the product and brings it out alive from its factory, managing to guarantee 8 days of validity from packaging - naturally keeping the packaged product at a temperature of 4/6 ° degrees C.

The Quattro G Srl company based in Civitanova Marche, with the authorization of the Ministry of Health IT 311 CSM has been operating by 40 years in the seafood purification sector, marketing on the national territory, in the EU states and in all other states.

Our experience allows it to select suppliers, products and workers who must scrupulously comply with the company's directives with regard to procurement.
The purification, washing and weighing of the product are carried out mechanically, while the selection / cleaning and packaging are carried out exclusively by hand.
This procedure is carried out in exclusive interest of the customer / consumer, for which he will not find open (dead) molluscs - shells - sand and so on in the packages.
The company is always keen to point out that its purification plant works exclusively with ozone-treated sea water with a flow rate of 30cm / hour.

Quattro G Srl with the “Gusto Vivo Reale” brand also deals with the following products: caught Conero mussels, Spanish mussels and other origins that are kept in our tanks with water from our sea.

They are always processed and packaged respecting the utmost attention when we receive the order.


We deal with the following products: local lupine clams, clams, farmed mussels, caught rock mussels, local oysters, fasolaro, scallop, snail, bullo - murex, razor clam, casentrello, concave oyster, flat oyster, hairy mussel, muslin, heart , sea urchin, cockles. All shellfish are kept alive and purified in our sea, these products are processed and packaged always respecting the utmost attention when receiving the order.

Adriatic seafood

We deal with the following products: mantis shrimp - ciacala bainca, prawns, shrimp, pink shrimp, cod, mullet, monkfish, scorpion fish, san pietri, rays, turbot, sole, cuttlefish, squid, squid, gallinelle - gurnard, small sole , pout , anchovies, octopuses, baby octopus and dogfish